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Light Pollution in Canton Aargau

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

With great pleasure I'm sharing very happy news!

On the 7th of October I successfully defended my Master Thesis on Light Pollution in Canton Aargau as a part of the Master Program in Spatial Planning at the Technical University of Zürich (MAS Raumplanung, ETHZ).

A short excerpt from the abstract:

One of the goals of this paper was to create a tool helping securing one of the qualities of natural habitats – the natural darkness, which is necessary for physiological and behavioural stability of many organisms affected negatively by light pollution. As a result of a holistic approach to the light pollution problem, a novel tool was created: the Dark Zone Network (DZN), which represents a network of all natural areas in the canton, and is complementary to the ecological infrastructure national concept. It can be anchored in the cantonal Structure Plan as a reference map, since it addresses the light pollution problem comprehensively at the cantonal level, allowing for tailored implementation at the communal level.

The Thesis is available below for download!

Download PDF • 18.55MB

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